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Qishan Zhao


Attorney at Law


Tel :+86 10 8561 8471


●     Infringement litigation in diverse Intellectual Property infringement issues

●     Disputes related to Standard Essential Patent

●     Antimonopoly disputes related to Intellectual Property

●     Non-litigation solutions for Intellectual Property disputes

●     Solutions in relation to Intellectual Property risk prevention in operation activities

Professional Highlights

●      Dr. Qishan Zhao focus on the resolving of disputes in IP area and Anti-monopoly area. Especially,she has expertise to handle evolving disputes surrounding Standard Essential Patents (“SEPs”) as well as the Anti-monopoly disputes related to IP.

●     Prior to joining LexField Law Offices, Dr. Zhao was the Director of Intellectual Property Policy at ZTE Corporation, the world's leading communications solutions provider. She was in charging of researching legal problems in IP area and drafting the company’s external policies. She has participated in giving the legislative proposals or feedbacks for policy making on behalf of ZTE, dealing with some important IP cases of the company, designing and constructing the Open source compliance governance system as well as responding some crisis events for the company.  

●    Dr. Zhao Qishan received her Doctoral Degree in intellectual property from Peking University Law School and was engaged in postdoctoral research on intellectual property at the Institute of Law of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.  To prepare the next generation of legal thinkers, Dr. Zhao served as a lecturer at Shanghai University Law School. She has published dozens of academic papers on INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, CHINA PATENTS & TRADEMARKS, COMPETITION POLICY RESEARCH,ORIENTAL LAW etc. Such as Research on Judicial Determination of Reasonable License Fee for SEP, Research On Construction of Injunctive Relief in SEP Infringement Cases, The Crisscross of Competition Law and Patent Law: Research on the Rules Evolution of Injunctive Relief Involving SEPs Infringement Cases in Germany, A Comparative Study on the Relationship of Injunctive Relief and RAND Statement, Doubts on the Exclusion Clause of Intellectual Property in China’s Anti-Monopoly Law, etc. She has also translated the Media, Technology and Copyright: Integrating Law and Economics.

●     Dr Zhao Qishan has participated in legislation and policy formulation and revision in the field of patent and anti-monopoly laws, especially in the field of SEPs. She has been invited to join several International forum and the IPR workshop in SDOs. She is an expert in the field of legal rules related to SEP and has provided professional trainings in this field.

●     Dr Zhao Qishan received the “Outstanding Talents Award” by Chinese Society of Science & Technology Law, and was the director of Beijing Intellectual Property Law Research Association.


●     Postdoctoral of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (2015)

●     LLD, Law School of Peking University (2012)

●     LLM, Law School of Peking University (2004)


●     Chinese, English


  • +86-010-8525 3366

  • +86-010-8525 1550/1552


  • Suite 1009, China Life Tower 16 Chao Yang Men Wai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China